Changelog V0.0.1 - V1.1.0

[[ V1.1.0 ]]

New upgrade button, once clicked it toggles upgrade mode.
During upgrade mode you can left click the button to upgrade it instead of right clicking as before
If upgrade mode is toggled pressing the button which is now resume turns it back to normal gameplay

[[ V1.0.0 ]]

New UI designs and colour scheme
New menu with older options including save, load, delete and exit as well as two new ones resume and settings
Game now has music that plays
Game has three new sound effects
Button has new press animation
Settings has two new options allowing you to change music and sound volume
Music and sound volumes can be saved with the save game option
Cow Code Games intro now loads in


[[ V0.9.0 ]]

Message now appears if score is too low for upgrades
New UI that displays cost of upgrade
Each level now gives the button unique colours

[[ V0.8.0 ]]

2 new upgrades

[[ V0.7.0 ]]

New delete file UI, you can now erase files from the system

[[ V0.6.0 ]]

Save and Load UI
Game stores files even when closed

[[ V0.5.0 ]]

Game now has exit UI
1 new upgrade for button

[[ V.0.4.0 ]]

Game now has upgrades
Only 1 upgrade exists
Upgrades increase how much score is earnt

[[ V0.3.0 ]]

Button now uses two models a base and the button
Score now has function

[[ V0.2.0 ]]

Added score
Added table model
Added room ceiling, walls and floor 
Reworked button model
Button now adds to score on click

[[ V0.1.0 ]]

Added button model
Removed cube placeholder

[[ V0.0.1 ]]

Game begins development
Added cube placeholder for button

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